Good News: Veterans, Kidneys, and Instant Karma

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Instant karma?  A woman in Virginia named Briana Mills was in line at 7-Eleven when the person in front of her had issues paying.  So Briana paid for their stuff . . . then bought herself a lottery ticket and won $150,000.

She took a photo of the $5 scratcher right after she won, because she looked up in the sky and saw a double rainbow.  (Here’s the photo.)

2.  Two different stories made the rounds for Veterans Day:  A 77-year-old in Houston named George Philips dropped out of high school to join the Navy and spent three years in Vietnam.  60 years later, his school just gave him his diploma.

And an Air Force vet in Pennsylvania named Craig Harris recently got a new kidney donated by another Air Force veterannamed Morgan Slaughter.  She heard he needed one after a pizza place near Philly posted it on their big sign outside.  (Here’s a photo, and a follow-up.)

3.  And speaking of kidneys:  A guy in Illinois wanted to give a friend his kidney, and ended up saving his own life when doctors found a tumor.  He’s okay now, but can’t donate anymore.  So he’s using the free press to find a new donor.