Good News: Stuffed Animals, Hungry Deer, and a 98-Year-Old Hero

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A dad in New Hampshire accidentally threw out his daughter’s favorite stuffed animal.  But officials sifted through a ton of garbage at the dump and got it back to her.  It went through a trash compactor, but survived.

2.  A bunch of neighbors in Pennsylvania banded together to save a deer with a plastic jug stuck on its head.  It would have starved, but a couple named Matt and Lisa Mertz managed to catch it.  Matt held it down, and Lisa got the jug off.

3.  A local news station in Salem, Oregon profiled a World War Two vet who’s 98 and still volunteers for Meals on Wheels.  Someone told him he’s a “hero” for doing it.  His response was, “If that’s what it takes to be a hero, we need more.”