Good News: Refrigerators, Wedding Rings, and Another Set of Twins

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Cops in England stopped a guy when they saw him running with a fridge strapped to his back(???)  But it turned out he wasn’t stealing it.

His name is Daniel Fairbrother, and he’s training for a marathon to raise money and support a buddy with diabetes.  He’s trying to break the record for fastest marathon while carrying a household appliance.  (Here’s an interview.)

2.  A woman in South Carolina tossed a bunch of stuff in a bin at a recycling center on Sunday, and her diamond wedding ring slipped off.  But workers sifted through a huge pile of junk and found it for her.  (Here are the photos.)

3.  A couple in Texas found out they’re having twins . . . again.  They already have twin girls, and were shocked when their ultrasound showed another set is coming, this time a boy and a girl.  They’re due in April.  The video of them finding out is going viral.