Good News: Random Acts of Kindness, World Down Syndrome Day, and Practical Advice from a 106-Year-Old

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A poll found 84% of Americans will go out of their way to “pay it forward” whenever they can.  The average person estimates they have five generous “random act of kindness” moments a week, or 260 a year.

2.  A World War Two vet in Texas named Karl Schlessinger just turned 106.  And he offered some practical advice for anyone who wants to make it to his age . . . just do your best to NOT DIE.  He obviously hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

3.  If you missed it, check out the viral ad that came out for World Down Syndrome Day last week.  It’s actress Madison Tevlin from the movie “Champions” listing stuff people assume she can’t do, like living on her own or learning Shakespeare.

The point is if more of us assumed people with Down Syndrome COULD do that stuff, then maybe they would.  (Here’s the video.  Warning:  Don’t assume she can’t drop an F-bomb at 1:04.)