Good News: Lost Dogs, Lost Rings, and a $10,000 Tip

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 23-year-old guy in Nebraska just found his childhood dog four years after she went missing.  Her name is Patches.  A friend was taking care of her when she ran off.  The guy’s family got her when he was 13, so he was devastated.  But someone just found her in New Mexico, 600 miles from where she disappeared.

2.  Back in December, a doctor in the U.K. put her diamond ring in the pocket of her scrubs before a procedure and forgot about it.  By the time she realized, the hospital had already sent her scrubs out to get cleaned.

But then another doctor at a different hospital 100 miles away ended up in the same scrubs five days later . . . found the ring . . . and got it back to her.

3.  An anonymous man in Michigan walked into a place called the Mason Jar Café last week, ordered $32 worth of stuff, and left a $10,000 tip(!!!)

He said he was in town for a friend’s memorial service, and he was doing it to honor his friend who just passed away.  He asked the waitress to split it with the seven other employees who were working that day.  So, $1,250 each.