Good News: In-Laws, Spare Tires, and Retirees

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Firefighters in New Jersey rescued a yellow lab that got her head stuck in the rim of a spare tire.  They lubed her fur up with dish soap and vegetable oil, but eventually had to use a plasma cutter to get her out.

2.  A 27-year-old woman in Miami just got engaged, and posted a screenshot of the text her future father-in-law sent.  He wanted her to know how “overjoyed” everyone is that she’ll be an “official member” of the family.

He said he can tell the two of them “unconditionally love each other,” and called it “the most important thing that ever matters.”  (Here’s her post.)

3.  A station in Salem, Oregon did a story on a retired guy named John Piper who volunteers by doing yardwork and picking up trash outside his local high school.  His son went there, and he likes to keep the school looking good.  He’s been doing it five days a week for 16 years.