Good News: Homeowners, College Grads, and Another “Kevin Bacon” Pig

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A mom named Jennifer Duggin got her master’s from Tennessee Tech.  And her 28-year-old son couldn’t be there, because he was deployed with the National Guard.  So the school surprised her with a video message from him and played it on the big screen.  Yes, she cried.  (Here’s the video, starting at 23:30.)

2.  In 1939, a Chinese-American family in San Diego couldn’t find a place to live, because no one would rent to them.  But then a Black couple named Emma and Gus Thompson stepped up to let them rent a place, and eventually buy it.

Cut to 85 years later, the family has done well for themselves.  And now the original owners’ sons are paying it forward by selling the house, and donating $5 MILLION to create scholarships for Black college students.

3.  This must be a popular name for pig owners, because another pig named “Kevin Bacon” is in the news.  He went missing in southeast Wisconsin the other day, but cops lured him back home using marshmallows.  A different “Kevin Bacon” pig got loose in Pennsylvania last fall and was missing for 17 days.