Good News: Free Cars, First Responders, and Friendly Goats

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Social media star MrBeast tipped a random waitress a NEW CAR.  He posted a TikTok where he asks her what the biggest tip she ever got was, and she says $50.  Then he hands her the keys to a brand-new Toyota.  (Here’s the video.)

(Some people online are barking at him for using it to promote his new line of chocolate bars called Feastables.  He wrapped the car so the logo was on the side, and people are upset it wasn’t fully selfless.  Here’s a photo.)

2.  First responders in Longwood, Florida near Orlando pulled an elderly guy out of a sinking SUV on Tuesday.  And the mayor happened to be stuck in traffic and saw it happen live.  Now he’s planning to honor them for it.

The guy they pulled out had a medical emergency and drove into a retention pond, but he’s expected to make a full recovery.  They also saved his two dogs.

3.  And speaking of dogs, two other dog stories are making the rounds:  A dog and a goat at an animal shelter in North Carolina recently bonded and became best friends.  So now the shelter is trying to find someone to adopt them together.

And a video of a piñata for dogs is going viral.  You string a carboard box to the ceiling with one tennis ball hanging off the bottom.  When they jump up and yank it down, it rips the tape off.  So the box opens, and dozens of tennis balls fall out.