Good News: Credit Card Fees, Doggy Daycare, and “Exclusive Guests”

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Late-payment fees for major credit cards won’t be nearly as high anymore.  Federal regulators just capped them at $8, down from an average of $32.  A study found those fees have been costing Americans more than $14 BILLION a year.

2.  In related news:  A guy in Kentucky hit the lottery for $150,000 and says it’s the first time in his life he’ll be completely debt free.  He plans to spend the rest of the year fishing.

3.  A woman in Michigan got into a fender bender, and her dog . . . a three-year-old pit bull mix named Aries . . . jumped out and ran away.  She was worried the dog might get hit by a car or go missing.  But she got a call a short time later after Aries ran straight to her doggy daycare about a mile down the road.

4.  In other animal news:  The Bellagio in Las Vegas turned off its famous fountains on Tuesday to help out what they calledone of their “most exclusive” guests.  One of the rarest birds in the U.S. . . . a yellow-billed loon . . . decided to take up shop there.  Officials safely relocated it, and the fountains are back on.