Good News: Babies, Birthdays, and Spider-Man Bikes

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A couple in Wisconsin won over $18,000 in a 50/50 raffle at a Milwaukee Brewers game last year . . . used it to pay for fertility treatments . . . and just had their first baby.

Their son Foster was born in February.  They just took him to his first Brewers game this week.

2.  Two teenagers attacked a guy at a Chick-fil-A in Virginia on Saturday, and one of them pulled a knife.  But luckily, three Marines happened to be there and put a stop to it.

One of them broke the handle off, so the kid couldn’t use it anymore.  The two teens ran off with the guy’s phone, but cops arrested them outside a CVS nearby.

3.  A woman in South Carolina bought herself a lottery ticket for her birthday . . . scratched it off . . . and won $200,000.  Now she’s buying a house.

4.  Some jerk stole a three-year-old kid’s brand-new Spider-Man bike in Rockland, Maine last Thursday, and cops are still looking for the guy.  But the kid already has a new bike after a woman who’s currently homeless stepped in to help.

She wants to remain anonymous, but she’s been living out of her car.  When she heard about the story, she used the little money she had to buy him a new Spider-Man bike and matching helmet.

She dropped it off at a police station the other day.  Now a nonprofit called Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition is raising money to help her get back on her feet.