Getting Tickets to a Concert Now Requires a Coordinated “Military Operation”

Have you ever gone to buy tickets to a big concert and NOT gotten seats?  In a new survey, the average person said it happens to them about a THIRD of the time now.

44% of people think bots buying tickets is one of the main reasons.  50% also said prices are just too crazy these days, and that’s their biggest hurdle.

One of our top strategies for landing tickets is to make sure we’re logged in and ready to go.  On average, we do it 12 minutes before tickets go on sale.

Another one is to try buying on multiple devices at the same time.  A third of people say they’ve done that.

But according to a, quote, “ticket-buying expert,” multiple PEOPLE might be the real key.  Here are her top four ticket-buying tips.  (None of them are all that groundbreaking, but they might up your chances.)

1.  Make it a team effort.  Have as many people as possible try to buy.  She compared it to a coordinated “MILITARY OPERATION.”  So that’s what it takes these days.

2.  Don’t all be on the same Wi-Fi.  If it slows down or gets overloaded, none of you will get seats.

3.  Tablets might be better than computers.  She claims they’re better because they connect to the internet a little faster.  (But if you’re already logged in 12 minutes ahead of time, isn’t that irrelevant?)

4.  Know the venue, and the seats you want.  Be familiar with the website, and have a specific section in mind.  If it’s a big event, you might only have seconds.  So don’t go in cold.

The poll also found 53% of us have missed out on tickets, because we got caught in an online queue.  So you start buying tickets, but never make it to the last page.  Or they’re just gone when you try to pay.

(Study Finds / The Sun)