Frontier Airlines Now Lets You Pay to Guarantee an Empty Middle Seat

You’ve done this before:  You board a flight . . . no one’s sitting next to you . . . and you silently hope it stays that way until the doors close.  Well, now you can pay extra to MAKE SURE that’s the case.

Frontier Airlines added a new seating option this week called “UpFront Plus” that guarantees the middle seat in your row will be empty.

That means you won’t have to fight over the armrest, and you can manspread all you want.  You could even pop that extra tray table down and really set up shop.

You can’t do it in any row.  It’s only an option for the first two rows of the plane . . . hence the name “UpFront Plus”.

So how much does it cost?  It’s not totally clear yet, but definitely not as much as buying a whole other seat.

They’re doing introductory rates starting at $49 through next Wednesday for travel between April 10th and April 30th.  That’s $49 each way, and it’s on top of your normal ticket price.

After that, it’ll be based on demand.  So probably more than $50, but they haven’t said how much.

The press release describes it as a “great option for those who want expanded personal space and extra comfort.”

(USA Today / FlyFrontier)