“Freeze Your PJs” and Four More Hacks for Sleeping in Summer Heat

It’s officially summer.  Last Wednesday was the first day.  So here’s something to help anyone who needs to sleep without pumping A/C the next few months.  We’ve got five weird hacks for sleeping in the heat . . .

1.  Freeze your pajamas.  Put them in a plastic bag and toss it in the freezer.  You can do the same thing with your pillowcase too.

2.  Use a hot water bottle.  (???)  It seems counterintuitive, but the idea is to raise your core temperature BEFORE you go to bed.  Fill it with warm water, and put it on your feet.  When you take it off, it’ll trick your body into thinking it’s colder than it is.  Hopefully long enough to fall asleep.

3.  Don’t sleep naked.  If you sweat, it’ll just collect on your skin instead of being absorbed by your clothes.  Instead, wear something loose-fitting and light that’s made of natural fibers like cotton.

4.  Don’t share the covers.  If you sleep with a significant other, think about using separate blankets.  It helps keep their body heat away, so you’ll both be cooler.

5.  Leave your hair damp.  Take a shower before bed and don’t dry your hair.  You’ll end up with a wet pillow, but you won’t be as hot.

(Daily Mail)