Fraud Alert! Messi the Dog Wasn’t Really in the Oscar Audience, and John Cena Wasn’t Totally Naked!

The Oscars told two very big LIES on Sunday night, and they might just ruin your week.

First of all, Messi the Dog from “Anatomy of a Fall” wasn’t even in the audience.  Not during the actual broadcast, anyway.  His appearance was pre-recorded with a bunch of seat-fillers.

Perhaps even more disturbing:  John Cena was NOT totally naked when he presented the award for costumes.

He wore one of those thongs that cover your package and your backside, but connects via your undercarriage, and leaves your sides naked.  (Check out some pics here.)

Here are a few more Oscar quick hits:

1.  Jimmy Kimmel says he was encouraged backstage NOT to read Donald Trump’s social media post.  Obviously, he did it anyway, and responded with a pretty epic burn.  (You know, “Isn’t it past your jailtime?”)

2.  Jimmy Kimmel told a joke about all the sex and nudity in “Poor Things”, and Emma Stone did NOT look amused when they cut to her.  Well, amateur lip readers think she called Jimmy a bad word.

3.  Al Pacino’s presentation of the Best Picture winner was awkward for a number of reasons, but one of those was not his fault. People thought it was weird that Pacino did NOT list all the nominees before announcing the winner.  But he says that was the producers’ choice.

4.  Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce jetted into Los Angeles from Singapore to attend Madonna’s post-Oscar party.

(Check out who else was there here.)

(Here are some pics from the Vanity Fair party . . . and from Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s party.)