Four Things to Do When You Hit a Huge Lottery Jackpot

The big Powerball drawing was last night, and tomorrow’s Mega Millions is inching closer to $1 billion too.  So what’s the first thing YOU’D do if you hit the jackpot?  Scream, faint, and quit your job are all popular options.

But according to experts, here are the first four things you should ACTUALLY do . . .

1.  Immediately document it.  Take a photo or video with the winning ticket, and make sure your face and the numbers are clearly visible.  Smartphone pictures include metadata, like the date and time each photo was taken.  So if anyone tries to claim you stole their ticket, you’ll be able to prove you didn’t.

2.  Don’t tell anyone.  If you HAVE to tell your mom or something, fine.  But even that’s risky.  She’ll tell your aunt . . . who will then tell EVERYONE . . . and you’ll immediately have long-lost second and third cousins coming out of the woodwork.

3.  Keep the ticket secure.  Make sure it’s somewhere safe, where it won’t be stolen or burn up.  A safety deposit box at the bank is your best option.  But a fireproof safe, or a desk drawer with a lock is better than your wallet.

4.  Find a financial planner.  And make sure it’s a big one with national cred, not some small-time planner down the street.  You want someone who’s worked with lottery winners before.  They’ll be able to walk you through the rest.