Four Easter-Themed April Fools’ Jokes to Be on the Lookout For

Easter is on Sunday and April Fools’ Day is on Monday, so there’s a chance for some crossover.  Here are a few Easter-themed pranks to be on the lookout for . . . or to try yourself . . .

1.  Dyed raw eggs.  Someone’s bound to break one while tossing it into their basket.

2.  Plastic eggs filled with silly unexpected stuff.  Instead of candy, the eggs are filled with things like baby carrots, frozen peas, or shaving cream.

3.  Wrapped grapes in foil.  You can unwrap those small chocolate eggs, and use the wrapper to wrap grapes instead.  They’ll look just like chocolate eggs to an unsuspecting mark.

4.  Gross tasting jellybeans.  According to a recent ranking, the three worst Jelly Belly flavors are Buttered Popcorn . . . Licorice . . . and Chili Mango.