Five Signs You Have “Celebrity Worship Syndrome”

Have you heard this term yet, and do you know anyone who might have it?  “Celebrity worship syndrome” is when you’re way too obsessed with someone famous.  It’s a term experts have started using for people who get too fixated on a celeb.  Here are five signs you’re at risk . . .

1.  You think about them constantly.  They’re always on your mind, to the point that you can’t focus on anything else.

2.  Your identity is enmeshed with their own.  Like if something bad happens to them, it feels like it happened to you.

3.  You try really hard to look like them.  Copying their style is one thing.  But people with celebrity worship syndrome might also have multiple plastic surgeries.

4.  It’s affecting your finances.  Like following a musician on tour and seeing them multiple times, to the point that it’s putting you in debt.

5.  Trying to figure out how to meet them in person.  Plenty of fans want an autograph or selfie.  But people with celebrity worship syndrome might think that if they could just meet them once, they’d click and be best friends.

(NY Post)