Five Questions About Airplane Etiquette

If you just flew back from Thanksgiving, you might have some strong opinions here . . .

Someone polled people on airplane etiquette.  Here are five questions, and how people answered.  (For simplicity on a few of them, we’re not including the people who answered “not sure.”)

1.  Should people in middle seats get both armrests?  Only 19% of people who answered said the person in the middle deserves more armrest access than the people on each side.  73% said equal access, and 8% said LESS.

2.  Should the person in the window seat have total control over the window shade?  45% said yes, complete control.  55% said no, other people in the row should get a say in whether it’s up or down.

3.  Is it okay to ask a stranger to switch seats so you can sit with someone?  7% think it’s NEVER acceptable . . . 11% think it’s always okay to ask . . . and everyone else thinks it depends.

4.  If you were traveling alone, would YOU agree to switch seats?  Around 80% of us would as long as the new seat was at least as good as the one we were sitting in.  23% would even do it if the new seat was worse.

5.  How much do you want to talk to the strangers next to you on a plane?  Only 11% don’t want to talk at all.  Most people think a little bit’s okay, but keep it to a minimum.  And 4% of us hope the person talks our ear off the whole flight.  (Like Del Griffith in “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”.)