• Nearly all of the world’s coffee comes from two types of plants: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more mellow, has half the caffeine, and is the most popular coffee bean. Robusta is less expensive, but has a higher acid content, which makes it taste a lot more bitter.

• Next, you’re better off buying whole roasted coffee beans instead of pre-ground coffee. Coffee tends to lose its flavor quickly after it’s been ground. So your best bet is to grind the beans right before you make a pot.

• Your grinder doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a fancy burr grinder for about $200, but a $20 blade grinder works just as well.

• Don’t store your coffee in your fridge. The cold dampness zaps the flavor right out of the beans. Instead, any beans you’ll use within a few days can be kept on the counter in an airtight, opaque, glass container. Avoid containers made of plastic because they can change the flavor of the coffee.

• Another tip to improve your coffee: use the purest water. You can buy distilled water for cheap. Or try this: Fill a pitcher and leave it on the counter overnight.  That will allow some of the chemicals in the water to dissipate and your coffee will taste better.

• Finally, the best way to brew your coffee  is with a French press coffee pot. A good one can be had for $25 or less, and all you do is grind your beans, scoop in the coffee, and cover the grounds with almost-boiling water.  After four minutes, you simply press down the plunger, and pour yourself a delicious cup o’ joe.