Ever Wish You Could Live “Off the Grid” for a Few Days?

Everyone expects you to respond to emails and texts immediately now.  Do you ever wish you could go a few days WITHOUT that pressure?

Someone asked 5,000 Americans about it.  The question was do you ever wish you could spend a few days “off the grid,” without people expecting you to call them back . . . reply to texts . . . or respond on social media.

Turns out most of us DO crave that feeling of being fully “unplugged” sometimes.  57% said yes, and just 20% never feel that way.

The remaining 23% either said they’re not sure, or they never feel that pressure to respond . . . 11% said it’s just not an issue they deal with.

There wasn’t a big different across most demographics.  But how OLD you are might matter.

The group most likely to say they’d love to unplug for a few days were people over 30, but under 65.  So that’s mainly people who are still working, and includes a lot of parents as well.