Egg Prices Are Inspiring People to Paint Potatoes for Easter?

Egg prices are still high, so some families may be thinking twice about wasting several cartons for Easter egg coloring.  And now, there may be a cheaper alternative:  POTATOES.  (???)

Potatoes USA is trying to take advantage of the price gouging on eggs by HYPING potatoes as a replacement . . . and supposedly, people are actually giving it a shot.

Some blogs suggest traditional paint for potatoes instead of dyes . . . and just making it an opportunity to have fun switching things up.  Others are using edible paint and water-based food coloring so the potatoes can be dyed AND eaten . . . if you’re down with that.

However, this is more of a stunt for laughs than an actual “hack.”

For starters, a dozen potatoes might not even be cheaper than a carton of eggs.  Especially the smooth gold potatoes that are best for color and designs.

And even if they are . . . it’s a buck or two.  So unless you’re coloring on a HUGE scale, the cost saving is minimal.

It also doesn’t solve the problem of “losing” an egg in the house until it rots.  A lost potato would have a similar fate.

And while the photos of some people’s dyed potatoes look good online . . . the execution will be even trickier than getting eggs to turn out.

(Business Wire / Axios)

(Here’s a hack:  If you’re REALLY looking to save money, consider having your kids hunt for good ROCKS to paint.  That even has the added “fun” of hunting for the rocks you want to use as a canvas.)

(Plus, they won’t break . . . they could be easier to paint than potatoes . . . and if any of them are not found, your house won’t reek.)