Easter Basket of Randoms: The Easter Bunny Versus the Tooth Fairy . . . and Santa

If you’re on the hunt for some Easter eggs of INFORMATION . . . you’re covered.  We ventured out into the internet, and turned up some interesting holiday-related stats, facts, and silliness . . .

1.  Americans will spend an estimated $22 billion on Easter . . . that’s roughly $177 per person celebrating.

2.  91 million chocolate bunnies are sold in the U.S. every Easter season, and 78% of people say they eat chocolate bunnies’ EARS first.  16% eat the feet first, and 6% are weirdos who always eat the tail first.

3.  Three in four parents plan on having “the talk” with their children . . . about eating candy in moderation.  But 80% of parents admit to occasionally STEALING from their kid’s candy stash.

4.  This year, there were 195 different Easter Hallmark cards available.

5.  46% of Americans think the Easter Bunny should give out money like the Tooth Fairy does.  (???)

6.  The “New York Post” has an article complaining about how Easter is becoming too commercialized . . . and the Easter Bunny is infringing on Santa’s territory, by bringing gifts on top of all the candy.

7.  According to a new study, the best place in America to celebrate Easter is:  Pittsburgh . . . a.k.a. The Paris of Appalachia.

8.  In a poll on holidays, 13% of Americans say Easter is their favorite holiday of the year.  3% say it’s their least favorite.

9.  In another poll, people were asked how they planned to celebrate Easter . . . and the top answer was having a special meal with family and / or friends.  21% said that.  14% said going to church . . .

Another 14% said buying and eating candy . . . 13% said dyeing Easter eggs . . . and 12% said attending an Easter egg hunt.

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