Earth Day: A.I. in Hotel Showers . . . and Boomers Are Less Likely to Be Concerned About Climate Change

Today is Earth Day . . . the ONE DAY that it’s probably safe to wear that old “hug the planet” t-shirt, without it feeling too corny.

Here’s a round-up of some interesting topics floating around on the internet:

1.  The first Earth Day was observed back in 1970 . . . almost 55 years ago.  So have things improved or gotten worse since then?  It depends who you ask.

In a new poll, 70% of Americans say the amount of pollution globally has INCREASED.  11% say it’s stayed the same, and 8% say it’s decreased.

In a separate question, 63% of people said global temperatures have INCREASED since 1970.  20% say temperatures have stayed the same, and 3% say they have decreased.

In both questions, Gen Z’ers and Millennials are far more concerned that things are worse, while Boomers are more likely to say that pollution and global climates are the same or BETTER than they were in 1970.

2.  But many Americans ARE worried about what comes after them.  17% of people say they’ve actually lost sleep worrying about the environment . . . and for 54% of them, a primary concern is that the planet won’t be liveable for their children and grandchildren.

3.  In another survey, 60% of people say they make an effort to minimize their paper use in everyday life.  But only 31% say paper overuse is a major ecological problem.  More people are concerned about water and air pollution.

4.  A new study suggests that hotels could save water . . . by bringing A.I. into showers.  The idea is that there would be a screen that would provide guests with data “feedback” about their shower length and water use.

One aspect could include a timer, and encourage people to “beat the clock.”  Supposedly, this could reduce the length of time they spend showering by more than 25%.