Dreams & Relationships

According to a notable relationship expert, dreaming about relationships are the natural way people process feelings they haven’t dealt with. If you’re worried about your dating situation but haven’t addressed it, then your concerns can show up in your dreams. Here are the six most common relationship dreams. Pay attention to the clues they offer about your emotional life:

• Adultery — Adulterous dreams usually indicate feelings of sexual inadequacy, either in you or your partners. Having this dream doesn’t predict adultery; it merely indicates that you want to improve your sex life and are not sure how to do so.

• Anger — Anger directed toward other people in your dream usually symbolizes unresolved feelings of anger in your waking life. Remember, in this context, your feelings will be more intense if you have not yet addressed the issue.

• Divorce — This dream can act as a warning to you that you are doing something knowingly that is pushing your partner away.

• Fear — To clearly understand fear’s role in your dream, you have to consider everything that happened. What were you afraid of? What does that situation or person mean to you? Once you understand what you are trying to avoid, the subject matter soon dissipates.

• Love — Positive dreams of love are either a reflection of your current life or a manifestation of what you are really looking for. This dream is usually a wake-up call about what you need to change in order to be happy in your life.

• Pain — When there’s pain in a dream, you are being too hard on yourself in some area of your life. If you are placing someone else in pain, like a new partner, this indicates that you are doing something to harm another.