Don’t Paint Rooms In These Colors

Heard of feng shui (fung shway). It’s the art of arranging living spaces to create balance with nature. For example, you should never put a bed on the same wall as a door (you should be able to see the entrance from your perch), allow clutter to accumulate (it can disrupt the flow of energy), or leave your toilet lid open (good fortune can go right down the drain). But, as it turns out, there are some paint colors that are also pretty unlucky.

According to Victor Cheung, a traditional feng shui practitioner, there are no truly “unlucky” colors in feng shui, but there are hues that can have a negative impact when used improperly.

BLACK — It absorbs light and makes the room seem dark, which drains away energy.

RED — Red represents Fire in the Five Elements, and although it can stimulate love and emotions, too much of it irritates us, potentially leading to altercations and negatively affecting relationships.

PINK — This color easily makes people irritable to the point of disharmony and non-trust.

BRIGHT YELLOW — An excessive use of intense yellow may create an overwhelming and chaotic energy in a space, potentially leading to restlessness or irritability.

ANYTHING NEON — These colors can create an imbalanced and disruptive energy in a space, potentially affecting the overall harmony and well-being of the occupants.