Do You Think You’re “Cool”? Most Americans Say Yes, They Are

BeyoncéHarry Styles . . . that old guy from the Dos Equis ads:  All people who are definitely “cool.”  But do you think YOU fit into that category?

Someone polled 35,000 Americans and asked, “Do you think you’re cool?”  Turns out most of us DO think we’re a pretty cool person.  (Or as the kids would say, “on fleek” . . . and I’m now 8,000% less cool for saying that.)

53% said they’re cool . . . 29% said not a chance . . . and 17% aren’t sure if they’re cool or not.  Men were a little more likely to say yes, and obviously age matters too.

Three-quarters of Americans under 30 think they’re cool.  Same goes for two-thirds of people aged 30 to 45 . . . 43% between 45 and 65 . . . and even 28% of seniors would still describe themselves as cool.

They also broke it down by where you live, and the results were pretty even across the board . . . except for one spot.  You’re far less likely to think you’re cool if you live in the MIDWEST.

Only 44% of Midwesterners think they’re cool . . . 36% said no way . . . and 20% have no idea.