Do You Actually Need to Cover Your Webcam for Security? 35% of People Do It

 If you work on a computer, odds are you’re sitting there all day with that little webcam pointed right at you.  It’s pointed at you at night too.  And we both know what you do in front of your computer at night.

But . . . are you REALLY at risk of hackers or spies or North Koreans?  Or SOUTH Koreans?  Maybe one of the BTS guys wants to see what you’re up to.

According to security experts . . . isn’t not LIKELY, but it is POSSIBLE.  If you download malware, it might have code that lets someone take over your camera.  So, like always, be careful what links you click on and what you install.

Beyond that, your biggest risk is probably YOURSELF.  It’s not hackers who are going to broadcast embarrassing video of you . . . it’s YOU when you forget to leave a Zoom call and everyone can still see what you’re up to.

And by the way, according to a survey, 35% of people say they DO put a cover over their webcam sometimes when they’re not using it.  (HuffPost / YouGov)