Do “Baby on Board” Decals Even Do Anything?

You’ve seen these or maybe even have one.  Do you think “Baby on Board” decals actually do anything?

They’ve been around since the mid-1980s.  The idea is other drivers will know you’ve got an innocent child with you . . . and decide NOT to run you off the road.

A new poll asked more than 30,000 Americans if they think “Baby on Board” decals cause other people to drive more carefully.  48% of us say YES, at least sometimes.

Another 40% think they “rarely” or “never” do any good, and 11% aren’t sure.

For what it’s worth, a study a few years back suggested they DO have an effect.  But a separate study found that if you put one on and it obscures your view, they can actually CAUSE accidents too.

The poll also asked about “Student Driver” decals, and if they make us more patient with those drivers.  Around two-thirds said yes.

(YouGov / YouGov)