Daylight Savings Reminder: You’re More Likely to Die Today!

Feeling groggy from changing the clocks?  Here’s a fun reminder:  You’re also more likely to DIE today.  (!!!)

According to the American Heart Association, there’s always an increase in the number of heart attacks in the first week after we spring forward each year.

A study in Michigan found a 24% increase on the first Monday after clocks shift.  And a separate study in Finland found an 8% bump in the number of strokes in the first two days.

They’re still not sure why it happens, but they think it has to do with disrupting our body’s internal clock.

Springing forward can be deadly in other ways too.  For example, sleep-deprived drivers have been linked to a 6% increase in fatal car crashes this time of year.  So slow down and be a little more careful this week.

In general, accidents are most likely to happen during morning commutes, between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 AM.

( / NY Post)