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If you hate the sterile environment of a gym . . . and also hate the outdoors . . . TikTok’s newest workout trend is for you.  Have you heard of “COZY CARDIO” yet?

Basically, it’s just doing any low-intensity workout in your living room, but you make your environment as cozy as possible.  (Here’s a video.)

You might dim the lights . . . grab a few candles . . . and put on some comfy clothes.  Then you turn on Netflix . . . have your favorite drink ready to go . . . and do some light walking on a treadmill, or anything that’s not too difficult.

And even though you’re not going hard, you’re still moving.  And more and more research shows that’s what really matters.

“Cozy cardio” is mostly popular with women so far, but anyone can do it.  It’s supposed to be an easier way to get in the habit of working out every day.

A TikToker named Hope Zuckerbrow got it trending.  She lost 100 POUNDS a while ago, but gained half of it back.  So instead of dreading her workouts, she wanted one she’d actually look forward to.

(In the Know / The Everygirl)