Country Life: Porch Cocktails

It’s getting warm again!  And what’s better than a nice porch drink on a warm night?  Not too much.

The magazine “Southern Living” highlighted the best “Southern Porch Cocktails” but we don’t want to discriminate . . . So here are the best porch drinks you can have ANYWHERE in America:

1.  Watermelon Frosè.  Frozen watermelon + Rosè + simple syrup = a delicious frozen porch drink.

2.  Mint Julep.  This drink is most famously served at the Kentucky Derby.  All you need is bourbon, mint leaves, some ice and sugar, and you have yourself a refreshing cocktail.

3.  Ranch Water.  It’s very close to a skinny margarita and you only need three ingredients.  Blanco tequila . . . lime . . . and mineral water.

4.  Salty Dog.  Add salt + grapefruit juice + gin + ice to make a salty dog.  This is a fresh and slightly tart drink begging for another round.

5.  Vodka Cherry Limeade.  Too bad you can’t get this from the carhop at your local Sonic.  Mix Vodka with Sprite, and add cherry juice, lime juice, and simple syrup and you’re about to have the best porch drink ever.  No tator tots included.

6.  Spiked Arnold Palmer.  This is a fitting drink since the Masters tournament just ended.  Just add a little bourbon into his famous tea and lemonade combo.  That cool with you, Arnie?

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