Country Life: Eight Camping Necessities We Always Forget

Spring has sprung!  And it has been beautiful outside lately . . .  which means, it’s time to camp!  But after you cram your car full of all your camping gear, ask yourself this question . . . “what am I forgetting?”

Because let’s be honest, you forgot something.  Here are eight camping necessities that we tend to leave behind:

1.  Wood.  This seems obvious, but wood always seems to be forgotten.  Some campgrounds restrict you from gathering wood nearby and the teeny bundles they sell are annoyingly expensive.

2.  Wet wipes.  This is a no brainer for parents, but it makes life so much better and CLEANER for everyone if you don’t forget the wet wipes at home.

3.  Batteries.  Lanterns and flashlights are crucial, so please pack extra batteries.

4.  Duct tape.  “If Duct tape won’t fix it, you need more Duct tape.”  Truer words have never been spoken.

5.  Ice.  It seems like we’ll always remember our coolers . . . and drinks . . . and food for the camping weekend.  But did you bring ice?  Or if you brought ice, did you bring enough?

6.  Water.  If you aren’t preparing your own water at the campground, you’ll need to bring more than you think.  Don’t forget you’ll also need water for brushing your teeth . . . hand-washing . . . and cleaning dishes.

7.  Trash bags.  Some campgrounds might only have one centralized trash area and it could be a long hike from your spot.  Trash bags are a MUST.  And if your campground requires it, be sure to put that trash in a bear box.

8.  First Aid Kit.  You’ll want to have extra band-aids, and extra ointment. You won’t regret it.

(Eureka Camping)