Country Life: America’s Most Beautiful Springtime Destinations

Y’all, spring is almost here!  We already got an hour more of sunlight . . . the trees are blooming . . . it seems like time for a vacation.  Let’s get out of the city, and hit the road.

The website Thrillist just put together a great list of America’s most beautiful springtime destinations, and all these spots seem incredible.  But where to first?

1.  Coachella Valley, California.  All of the rain lately means that the wildflower bloom is exploding.  And you can check out the beautiful, but strange, Salton Sea before the area hits triple digit temps.

2.  Key Largo, Florida.  Pro tip.  Always go to Florida before the humidity hits.  Key Largo is described as having, quote, “a funky taste of old Florida without the relentless untz untz untz of South Beach.”

3.  Chena Hot Springs, Alaska.  Okay, maybe this one is not a super easy road trip, but that doesn’t make the destination any less awesome.  It’s 50 miles north of Fairbanks and in the spring you can still see the northern lights.

4.  Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This beautiful desert town boasts one of the liveliest art-scenes in America.  And in April, that’s when the Santa Fe Society of Artists opens their outdoor market.  Which if you’re there, you need to check out.

5. Texas Hill Country.  It extends west of Austin, and north of San Antonio.  If you’ve never seen a Texas bluebonnet field come into bloom, you’re really missing out.  Pair that with some local wine tasting, and you’re in for a treat.

6.  Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.  The park hosts “wildflower weekend” in the first part of May with guided hikes to see the 850 different species of wildflowers.

(What do you think?  Did they miss any good ones?)