Chipotle Is Giving Out Free Burritos Every Time a Player Hits a Three-Pointer in the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals kicked off last night, and there are FOUR reasons to watch:  You’re a Denver Nuggets fan . . . you’re a Miami Heat fan . . . you’re a basketball fan . . . or you’re a BURRITO fan.

Chipotle has a new promotion where they’re giving away FREE burritos every time a player on either team hits a three-pointer.

Here’s how it works:  While you’re watching any of the games live, follow @ChipotleTweets on Twitter.  Every time someone hits a three, they will post a secret keyword.  Then, you send a text message with that word to “888222.”

They’re giving out up to 300 free burritos for each three-pointer . . . up to 35 buckets per game.  That’s a total of up to 10,500 free burritos each game . . . and it could be more than 73,000, if 35 threes are hit in every game, and the series goes seven games.  (Which seems unlikely at this point.)

You’re only allowed to get ONE free burrito . . . PER GAME.  You have until the end of the month to redeem your freebie, and you’ll have to order ahead through the app or website . . . they won’t accept the codes in person at the register.

(PR Newswire / Chipotle)

(For what it’s worth, the Nuggets won Game 1 last night 104-93 . . . and the two teams combined to make 21 threes . . . 14 short of the max.  We tried to get in on the action, but our trigger fingers weren’t fast enough.)