Car Companies Are Bringing Back Buttons and Knobs, Because We’re Sick of Touchscreens

If you’re in a fairly new car, you’ve probably got a big touchscreen on your dashboard.  But now car companies are planning to upgrade again . . . by getting RID of those screens.  (???) just did a big article on how car companies are ditching touchscreens, and bringing back more buttons and knobs.  And it’s because we WANT them.

Touchscreens might seem fancy, but they’re actually the cheapest option.  They cost as little as $50 per screen, so car companies would love to keep using them.

But there’s more and more evidence that having all your controls on a screen like that is DANGEROUS . . . basically the same as texting-and-driving.

One expert said it’s weird that everyone knows texting-and-driving is bad.  But no one complains about how everyone’s, quote, “using an iPad while driving.”

Knobs and buttons are easier to find without looking . . . something younger drivers are just finding out.  So companies have started switching back to them.

This switch could be temporary too though.  Hyundai is one of the few companies that hasn’t gone all in on touchscreens.  But their lead designer says buttons and knobs could go away for good as cars become more autonomous.

Once our cars can drive themselves, we won’t need to keep our eyes on the road.