Belated Father’s Day: The Best Dad Jokes of All Time

If you forgot to get something for Father’s Day, here’s a late gift he’ll enjoy:  2,000 people were asked to rank a list of classic DAD JOKES.  Here are a few of the best and/or CRINGIEST of all time . . .

1.  “This graveyard looks crowded.  People must be dying to get in.”

2.  When you asked him, “Can you put my shoes on?”  And he said, “No . . . I don’t think they’ll fit me.”

3.  “I used to hate facial hair . . . but then it grew on me.”

4.  When he’s reversing in the car and says, “Ah . . . this takes me back.”

5.  “I only know 25 letters of the alphabet.  I don’t know ‘y’.”

6.  When your mom says, “How do I look,” and he says, “With your eyes.”

7.  When you ask if he got a haircut, and he says, “No, I got them ALL cut.”

8.  “Wanna hear a joke about pizza?  Never mind, it’s too cheesy.”

9.  “I’m scared of elevators . . . so I’m taking steps to avoid them.”

10.  “What did one wall say to the other wall?  ‘Meet ya at the corner.'”