Beach Etiquette

Because some of you will be hanging out at beaches this summer, we have some beach etiquette that we gathered from various sources on the internet.

DON’T START UNAUTHORIZED BONFIRES OR BARBECUES — Check the beach’s rules as they often have “no fires” and “no barbecues” rules in place to prevent accidents and protect the environment.

DON’T BRING YOUR PETS INTO CROWDED AREAS — Again, check beach rules before bringing your dog or other pets along with you — especially if you’re going at a busy time. Some people may be asthmatic or allergic to animal fur. So bringing your dog to the beach on a crowded day could actually be a health risk to others.

DON’T SET UP TOO CLOSE TO OTHER PEOPLE — This might seem obvious, but if there’s room at the beach then give your neighbors room.

DON’T CRANK THE TUNES — Movies and TV shows make the beach look like one big party: booze is flowing, volleyball is being played, everyone’s jamming to the same radio station. The reality is most people go to the beach to listen to the ocean. So unless it’s a true beach party — and everyone around you knows it — keep the tunes off or very low.

DON’T LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND — When all is said and done and you’re packing up to go, don’t try leaving things behind to make the trip back easier. This is especially important to remember when it comes to trash.