Bad Habits That Will Lead You To Divorce

From the book Getting the Love You Want, here are 10 common bad habits that will lead you to divorce.

1. Be critical. Even “constructive” criticism can make your partner defensive.

2. Insist your partner be exactly the same as you. Absolute compatibility leads to a dull relationship.

3. Flee from intimacy. Avoiding physical or emotional intimacy creates a divide.

4. Play the blame game. Using the “you” language will make you partner defensive.

5. Bargain. Don’t do something for your partner only when you want something in exchange.

6. Be casual about romance.

7. Focus on the negative.

8. Refuse to listen

9. Hide your needs. Instead, share the things that “truly touch your heart.”

10. Expect a fairytale romance. Reality always sets in and demanding the fantasy go on prevents your partner from ever being their authentic self.