Source: YouTube

Reporters in New Orleans were at a family home on Monday, reporting on the tragic death of a popular local chef named Demietriek Scott.

Demietriek had been missing for about two weeks, and he hadn’t responded to any attempts to reach him . . . or shown up at work.  He’d just vanished.

His family reported him missing . . . and then they were notified by the coroner’s office that a dead body was found dumped in the Ninth Ward, and it was believed to be Demietriek.

No tests had been done, and the family apparently hadn’t viewed the body yet . . . but reporters were already sent to the family home to eulogize him.

But while the reporters were still on the scene, Demietriek suddenly walked up . . . very much alive, and seemingly well.  The reporters were stunned.

One asked him where he’s been, and he said, “I’ve been around.”  (???)  He added, “I just needed to take some time for myself . . . life caves in on you sometimes, and that’s actually what happened . . . I needed to get away.”

He said he “appreciated” the concern . . . feels “truly grateful” . . . and didn’t realize that people were worried about him being missing, let alone dead.

Demietriek seemed genuine.  Clearly, he was going through some stuff, and hopefully he’s in a better head space now.

Police are still investigating the dead body that was found.  It’s unclear why someone thought that person was Demietriek . . . or how things got as far as they did without more confirmation.

( has the live video of the missing chef’s explanation.)