April Fools’ Day Round-Up: Pranks, Non-Pranks, and Pseudo-Pranks

April Fools’ Day is over, and a lot of people . . . including businesses and brands . . . took the opportunity to try to trick unsuspecting and gullible people into pranks and fake news.

Some of it was a total joke . . . some of it was actually legit stuff people THOUGHT was a prank . . . and some of it is just silliness meant to capitalize on April Fools’ Day.  But almost ALL of it was more CRINGE than funny.

Here’s a round-up of some of the chaos:

1.  Velveeta announced a new Velveeta HAIR DYE.  That seems like a joke . . . but it actually exists . . . you can buy it on Amazon while supplies last for $7.50.  (Here’s what it looks like.)  A couple years ago, they pranked people with a Velveeta skin care line.

2.  Elon Musk’s “X” Tweeted this joke:  “As we continue to celebrate transparency on this platform, all your DMs and drafts will be made public.  Bookmarks too.”

Elon himself thought THIS might be funny.  He posted, quote, “Excited to join Disney as their Chief DEI Officer.  Can’t wait to work with [them] to make their content MORE woke!  Even the linguini.”

3.  Oreo announced that the cookie and the creme were going through a severe divorce and that each would be offered separately.

4.  Krispy Kreme announced that, yesterday only, customers could bring in anything they wanted, and the workers would GLAZE IT.  A corresponding image featured glazed sandwiches, pizza, bell peppers, and fruits.

5.  Domino’s claimed they were taking pineapple off the menu because, “no one likes it anyways.”

6.  C4 Energy revealed a new “chicken and rice” flavor.  There was also a joke about a new fried chicken flavor of Prime.

7.  7-Eleven was hyping their hot dog-flavored sparkling water.  They just made enough to fool with some people . . . it isn’t actually for sale.

8.  Tinder posted a LinkedIn ad for a VP of Ghost Hunting.

9.  The British phone company Nothing posted about its new “Micro Phone” because, quote, “size doesn’t matter.”

10.  The language app Duolingo got in on the April’s Fools’ action by announcing Duolingo on Ice: The Multilingual Musical”.  They even had tickets listed on SeatGeek, but it’s a joke.

11.  Healthy soda brand OLIPOP and Pringles teased a collab to create “Sour Cream & Onion soda.”

12.  There was also a new product called Rosetta Stoned, a mobile app that “bridges the conversational gap between novice users and seasoned stoners in any social setting.”  (Similarly, there’s also a “Baby Translator” app.)

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