Someone get Vince McMahon on the phone because this lady belongs in the WWE . . .

An 82-year-old woman named Willie Murphy lives in Rochester, New York.  And she was home alone last Thursday night when a guy started pounding on her door and broke in.

But he didn’t know that Willie happens to be a female BODYBUILDER with a LOT of energy.  The “Today” show even did a segment on her last year.

While the guy was walking through her house, she hid in the shadows and waited.  Then she jumped out . . . grabbed a TABLE . . . and BROKE it on him.

Once he was on the ground, she started jumping on him.  Then she grabbed a bottle of SHAMPOO from her kitchen table and poured the whole thing out onto his face and in his eyes.

Once he was sufficiently blinded by the shampoo, she started smacking him with a broom.  And when police got there, she was trying to drag him out onto the porch.

She told the whole story to some friends while a news crew filmed it.  She said she’s pretty sure the guy was happy when they put him in an ambulance because it got him away from her.