Americans Want to Know How to Recycle: TVs, Christmas Trees, and Eclipse Glasses

Earth Day is over, and some people celebrated by figuring out how to recycle some of the worthless clutter piling up in their homes.

Google Trends released some search data on what people in various states are looking to recycle more than in other states.  So here’s the thing that each state is fixated on:

11 states are focused on the typical stuff:  Bottles and cans.  Another 13 states are Googling how to dispose of tech . . . like TVs, phones, and computers.  (And in Alabama, they’re specifically looking to deal with “Tube TVs”.)

Five states want to be reminded of the process for batteries, Double-A and car batteries . . . four states are asking about pizza boxes . . . two states are looking to get rid of tires . . . two more have excess clothes . . . and a couple more are looking to dispose of old mattresses.

Then, there’s the weirder stuff.

People in Ohio and Vermont want to know how to recycle:  Wrapping paper.

And people in Nevada and Georgia need to deal with:  Christmas trees.

For Colorado, it’s paint.

For Tennessee, it’s plastic bags.

For Texas, it’s plastic hangers.

For South Dakota, it’s egg cartons, for some reason.

For Wyoming, it’s “fast food cups.”

For Florida, it’s “red Solo cups” . . . now that the Spring Break crowds are gone.

For Louisiana, it’s also on-brand:  “Mardi Gras beads.”

And for Indiana, it’s “eclipse glasses,” which makes sense.  Indianapolis was pretty much dead-center for totality.

(Google Trends)