America Can Agree on One Thing: Road Trips Are Rad

It’s hard to find ANYTHING that EVERYONE can agree on . . . other than that NOBODY CAN AGREE ON ANYTHING.  And that banging your little toe on furniture is absolutely awful.  (???)

But in a series of new polls, it sounds like everyone in America digs ROAD TRIPS.  40% of people say they “love” them . . . 43% “like” them . . . and less than 10% of people have a negative opinion.

That breakdown is pretty much the same across the board, no matter where in America you live . . . male or female . . . old or young . . . liberal or conservative.

Digging a little deeper, 59% of people say they prefer taking the scenic route on road trips, while 28% are cool just using the fastest route.

And 50% say they prefer to plan the details of the road trip ahead of time, while 37% want to be spontaneous.