We’ve seen stories before about car crashes, and random people saving strangers’ lives.  But this one’s a little different . . .

A 50-year-old in Chicago named Robert King was driving home from work the night before Easter.  And he saw a van that had just been T-boned at a stoplight.

So he pulled over to see if they were okay.  And they were.  But they asked if he’d give them a ride to the hospital anyway.  Here’s why . . .

It turned out the van was a medical vehicle.  And they were delivering three ORGANS to a nearby hospital for two different transplant

They had several boxes with them containing a liver, kidney, and pancreas.  And they had to get to the hospital, or they’d miss their window to use them.

Robert told them to jump in . . . drove them the rest of the way . . . and helped save two lives.  The liver went to one patient, and the kidney and pancreas went to another.

The hospital gave him an award last Wednesday, and he said he’s just a big believer in the golden rule . . . to treat people the way you’d want to be treated.  So that’s why he pulled over to help.

(Chicago Tribune)

(This whole scenario might be avoidable soon.  Because in related news, the first organ delivered by DRONE just happened at a hospital in Baltimore this month.)