A Study Found Intermittent Fasting Might Give You a Heart Attack

Intermittent fasting has become a popular way to lose weight the last few years.  But a new study found it could end up giving you a HEART ATTACK.

Researchers looked at the health records of more than 20,000 adults over 15 years, and found a 91% higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

That’s the number for people who followed a 16:8 eating schedule.  That means all your meals are in an eight-hour window, and you fast for 16 hours.

It’s not clear why that would be the case, since other research has found intermittent fasting can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

They noted that the study didn’t prove anything.  They just found an “association” between an eight-hour eating window and cardiovascular death.  So maybe take all this with a grain of salt.  (AHA / Study Finds)

(Or, skip the salt . . . too much sodium can also cause heart disease.)