A Man Named “Literally Anybody Else” Is Running for President

A lot of people wish they could vote for literally anybody else in the election this year.  Now they can . . .

A 35-year-old math teacher in Dallas just announced he’s running for president . . . after changing his name to “Literally Anybody Else.”  First name, “Literally” . . . middle name, “Anybody” . . . and last name, “Else.”

A judge, who didn’t find it very funny, ultimately signed off on the name change.  So it’s official.  He even got a new driver’s license.  (Here’s a photo.)

Mr. Else filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.  He’s currently trying to get on the ballot in Texas as an Independent.  People in other states would have to vote for him as a write-in candidate.

A poll this month asked people who they trusted to lead the country . . . Trump, Biden, or “neither.”  And 30% said neither.  So maybe he’s got a shot?  He’s an Army vet, so he’s also got that on his resumé.

He says his campaign is less about winning, and more about sending a message.  Quote, “People should have the option to vote for someone who resembles and represents them, not the lesser of two evils.”

His name before he changed it was Dustin Ebey.  (EE-bee)  If he doesn’t win, it sounds like he plans to go back to that.  Or there’s a chance he runs again in four years.  He just turned 35, so it’s the first time he’s been old enough.