There’s a three-year-old kid near Boston named Quinn Waters who recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor.  Then he had a stem cell transplant and went through chemo, which destroyed his immune system.

So he has to stay indoors, and can’t go outside for a while.  But his town has been rallying around him to make sure he doesn’t get too bored.

People in his community have been showing up at his house just to entertain him through his front WINDOW.

He’s seen everything from jugglers and musicians, to a huge group of bikers who recently rode by on their Harleys.

He also got to meet SUPERMAN last month.  And another guy showed up just to let Quinn throw water balloons at him.

Quinn’s mom is a cop, so lots of police cars have also been driving by with their sirens on.  And there’s a pretty great video of it all on YouTube.

His doctors say he should be able to go outside again in a few weeks.  And they’ll know if his treatments are working in another month or two.

(CBS Local)