A 28-year-old guy in the U.K. named Dibsy McClintock decided it was finally time to lose weight last year after he got up to 560 POUNDS.

And one of the big things that helped him was getting BANNED from all the fast food and take-out places in his neighborhood.

He got in touch with a personal trainer named Mike Hind, who works with one client a year free of charge.

And one of the first things Mike did was put flyers up all over town with Dibsy’s photo that said, “Save Dibsy.  Obesity Is Killing Him.  Do Not Serve This Man.”

Before they changed his diet, he was taking in around 11,000 calories a day.  Or about enough food for a family of six.  And now one year later, he’s lost HALF his body weight.

He started working out and eating better last October.  And he just hit 280 pounds last week.  Then he had surgery this week to remove a bunch of excess skin.  So he’s even lighter now.

Mike says that if he’d been charging for his services the whole time, the bill would have been just over $60,000.  But he did it for free because he knew it was a matter of life and death.

(Fox News)