Here’s the best Father’s Day gift we’ve seen this year:  There’s a 94-year-old guy in Chicago named William Wagner who never graduated from high school in 1944 because he left to serve in World War Two.

So earlier this year, his son made some calls and got his school to give him a diploma 76 years after the fact.

He got it on his 94th birthday back in March.  But for Father’s Day, he actually got to go to GRADUATION.

His son pulled some strings and got his old high school in Chicago to include him in THIS year’s graduation ceremony.  And he walked across the stage in his cap and gown last Thursday.

Looking back, he says his wedding day is still the best day of his life.  But graduation day is right up there now too.

He also had some advice for young people:  Quote, “Study hard, do everything right, stay out of trouble . . . and don’t be a pot smoker.”