82% of Us Have Snooped Through Someone’s Phone Before

Most people agree this is something you shouldn’t do.  And yet, it turns out most of us have done it . . .

82% of Americans say they’ve snooped through someone’s PHONE before.  Women were even more likely to say they’ve done it . . . 88%, compared to 77% of men.

“General curiosity” and “suspicion of wrongdoing” were the top two reasons people say they snoop.  And a lot of those searches are fruitful.  53% of snoopers say they’ve found something incriminating before.

Here are a few more snooping stats . . .

1.  The top two people we’ve snooped on are significant others, and exes.  9% have also looked through their kid’s phone . . . friends, 8% . . . parents and siblings, 7% each . . . and 3% of us have looked through a coworker’s device.

2.  The top things we look at when we snoop are the person’s text messages . . . their photos or videos . . . and their browser history.

3.  The most concerning things we’ve found are flirtatious texts . . . proof of cheating . . . and evidence they’ve been lying in general.

4.  When we do snoop, we usually get away with it.  81% of snoopers said they’ve never been caught.

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